Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants have an eye on the prize

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Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants have an eye on the prize

FLORENCE, S.C. – Creating (and keeping) healthy habits is hard. Usually the motivation of improving your health is enough to get started, but what will help you keep on track and eventually reach your health goals?

For the contestants of the 2018 Florence’s Biggest Loser, creating and keeping their new fitness and nutrition habits might mean they walk away with $500. At the end of this year’s competition, the United Way of Florence County will give out the 2018 Weight-Loss Award, the 2018 Inches-Lost Award, the 2018 Fan-Favorite Award and the 2018 True Grit Award to four contestants.

The winners of the Weight-Loss and Inches-Lost awards will each receive $500, courtesy of Health Facilities Federal Credit Union. The winner of the Fan-Favorite Award will receive a six-month gym membership, courtesy of the McLeod Health & Fitness Center. The True Grit winner will receive a $200 shopping spree, courtesy of Belk of Florence.

This week, we asked the Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants just how serious they were about winning one of the competition’s grand prizes, especially the title of the 2018 Florence’s Biggest Loser Weight-Loss Winner.

>> Kenny Segarra: “I know that if I stick to my workouts and make the healthier choices when it comes to my diet, I could win Florence’s Biggest Loser. I’m determined to win, but I’m also very excited to see the results and see the process of my weight loss throughout this journey. In all honesty, if everyone gets through the 10 weeks and has a better body and are healthier than they were before, they are all winners.”

>> Dr. Erin Lusher: “I am tired of not taking care of myself, I am tired of giving myself excuse after excuse, and I am tired of having to tell my child that I am too tired to play with him. I am going to win the Biggest Loser competition, so I can do all those things.”

>> Ernest McWhite: “I am very serious about winning this competition because for one, I will lose weight, and for two, I can win cash in the process. Plus, after this competition is over, I will have learned good eating habits and also met new people. This competition is going to change my life in every way and hopefully I will be in first place at the end.”

>> Katie Cullen: “I am serious, however realistic about winning a top prize. My busy schedule of work, children and graduate school may be limiting my ability to put in enough workouts to ‘win.’ However, if I get myself healthier and lose weight, I will consider it a win as well.”

>> Brian Kress: “I enjoy competition, and I am focused on what it will take for me to win Biggest Loser. It is more important to me that I establish a new regular routine for my overall health that is sustainable. I view Biggest Loser as a launching point to that, so a massive percentage weight loss, a reasonable plan to maintain that loss and set new goals and a cash prize sounds like a great way to achieve that to me.”

>> Leann Fitzwater: “I’m pretty serious about winning, but if I don’t, it’s not a big deal. Cultivating a positive attitude towards exercise and making new friends is a bigger goal (as well as losing weight).”

You can keep track of which contestants are in the lead for the 2018 Weight-Loss award by checking out the Top 20 board on display at the McLeod Health & Fitness Center. If you would like to help one of the Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants win the 2018 Fan-Favorite Award, you can cast your votes either online at burnandlearnflorence.com or at the United Way of Florence County office at 1621 West Palmetto Street in Florence. One dollar equals one vote, and all of the money raised from the voting process will be added to the United Way of Florence County’s annual campaign, which helps support programs at 17 local nonprofit agencies.

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