Contestants share their motivation

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Contestants share their motivation

FLORENCE, S.C. – Sometimes you hear it from your doctor. Sometimes it is the unexpected death of someone close to you.

And sometimes, it is just not wanting to feel winded after you walk up a flight of stairs.

Whatever form it may come in, we all have had that moment where we realize we need to start seriously addressing our health.

As the United Way of Florence County kicks off its fifth year of the Florence’s Biggest Loser program, we asked this year’s contestants what was, for them, the moment that gave them the kick they needed to decide to participate in this competition.

Or, for this year’s contestants who have participated in Florence’s Biggest Loser before, what motivated them to decide to go through the competition again.

Here are some of the responses. …

>> Randy Catoe: “I signed up in 2016; however, my mom was diagnosed with cancer during that time and passed away, and I didn’t complete the competition. Both of my parents died at 62. I want to do it for my health, and my family and for them.”

>> Kim Pate: “I read something on Facebook that said if your middle name is Louise or Marie, this is your year. When my mother was living, she always called me Jane Louise, and my name is Kim Marie. The kickoff day would have been my mother’s 75th birthday, so I figured this is my year.”

>> Rick Melton: “I thought about joining the Biggest Loser in previous years, but it didn’t fit into my schedule. I had already decided after the holidays I would start a weight-loss plan in the new year. When I saw the article in the paper about this year’s contest, I decided this would be a great way to start with proper guidance in nutrition and exercise as well as accountability each week. After our first session with nutritionist, Lindsay (Fraser), I’m all in.”

>> Kym Rush: “I have very energetic, mischievous and active six-year-old twins. I want to live the longest, fullest life possible to raise, nurture and support them, so they can blossom into world-changers. They are hilariously getting the best of me at my current weight and fitness level! Time for a change!”

>> Wesley Segarra: “I joined Biggest Loser 2018 because my brother told me about it and thought it would probably help motivate me to lose some weight. I have been going to my doctor from time to time and kept being told about the risks for myself if I continue to stay the same and not change. I asked my brother to sign me up and to put me in the same group as him so we could work together to lose weight. I hope that maybe working out with other people as well as having trainers there, and a family member to work with through the process, would make it more fun and much easier to keep at it.”

>> Ravyn Miles-Dean: “In the past couple times I have participated, I loved the support and motivation from the other members and trainers! I love having the accountability of weighing in every week!”

>> Aaron Robinson: “I have six awesome kids and a beautiful wife. Not making my wellness a priority makes me irresponsible and selfish.”

>> Katie Cullen: “I have tried to get back on track since my children were born, and this will hopefully be the push I need to be competitive and serious about losing weight again. Also, my husband and I are doing this together.”

Each week during the 10 weeks of Florence’s Biggest Loser 2018, we will ask contestants a question related to the competition, and we will share their answers in the form of contestant profiles in each Monday edition of the Morning News — one of the Biggest Loser’s co-sponsors.

We hope by sharing their ups, downs, experiences and tips, we will help motivate and inspire readers who are thinking about starting their own healthy journeys or are currently progressing through a healthy journey.

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