Stronger Together

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Stronger Together

Studies have shown that having someone who is trying to create healthy habits with you, better known as a workout buddy, can help motivate you and give you a better chance to reach your goals. By having a workout buddy, you are often more motivated to go to the gym or do your workout because you have someone else there waiting on you. Workout buddies also can make great lunch or dinner companions who do not mind going out to healthier eating options or meal prepping on the weekends. Finally, and probably the most beneficial, they are also great at providing a sympathetic ear or an extra boost of confidence since they are going through the same struggles you are.

In the 2017 Florence’s Biggest Loser, we have a few contestants in the competition together with the ultimate workout buddy…their significant other. We asked these contestants how it felt to workout with, eat healthier with, and maybe even compete with their husband or wife.

It is the absolute best feeling in the world having my best friend work out with me, to push me to go above and beyond and to have a little friendly competition. He is my biggest supporter, and I wouldn’t do this without him. He is my motivation every day. Nothing makes me prouder than seeing Brian push himself to be the man I already see him as…strong, capable, and worthy of so much more than he gives himself credit for. I am truly blessed to do this journey with him. – Jamie Bolton

Dawn and I try to do as much as we can together, because we are not only husband and wife; we are also best friends. When we knew that the competition was coming up, we thought if we did it together we could be each other’s motivation and support system. Our goal is to get healthier so we may be together longer along with our three beautiful children. – David Carter

I love doing this challenge with my husband and we are on the same team this time. I will start by telling you, I work nights and he works days. I also work weekends and he works weekdays. So we have to pencil in US time. I’m a reader of great books, and a writer once wrote “opposites attract and if you are both alike then one is a waste.” Or we could say waist.  So these last 3 years, I have entered this competition or challenge without my husband on my team. Just like all things need to have an anchor, God sent me my husband. If I were a balloon filled with hot air, he is the weight to hold me down. If I were a boat, he is the anchor. You laugh now, but he is wonderful. So don’t pray for me, pray for him. – Gloria James

My name is Brian Bolton and I consider it an honor to have my wife, Jamie, participate with me. When I competed in the BL 2016 event, Jamie was my cheerleader. She believed in me…and I know she always will.  For her to be one my team mates in this year’s event, is exciting to say the least. I find inspiration in her own weight loss efforts.  Jamie’s weight loss effort has spanned the last eighteen months or so and has been extremely beneficial. She helps bridge the gap between competing and making a lifestyle change.  Jamie knows my strengths and weaknesses, so she knows how to help me succeed. Jamie is my accountability partner. She loves me and wants me to be the best me I can be. And that makes her awesome.  I will continue to compete in BL in the future because I can see the benefit. Only now I have the best team mate…my life mate. – Brian Bolton

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