Contestants share what they will miss the most

July 6, 2018 Rachel No comments exist

After eight weeks of new eating habits, hard workouts, weekly weigh-ins and a whole lot of determination, the finish line is in sight for this year’s Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants.

Only two more weeks (and two more weigh-ins) stand between them and completing the competition.

As the contestants get closer to that last day and that last weigh-in, we asked them to share what they will miss the most about being in the competition once it is all over.

>> Ravyn Miles-Dean: “Once the competition is over, I will most definitely miss having to weigh in every week. That type of accountability helps me out so much, because every week my focus can be redirected where it needs to be.”

>> Brian Kress: “I will miss the focus of competing against a group for this challenge as well as the weekly accountability of the weigh in. I have already begun to look for something to replace this, because it has been so effective for me.”

>> Dena Strickland: “I will miss my training group. We have had the best time, and I love our trainers. They make exercise fun!”

>> Rick Melton: “I am going to miss the camaraderie of my training group and making new friends, the encouragement and support of my trainer, Joy, doing fun things like working out with the FMU women’s soccer and volleyball teams, learning nutritional tips from Lindsay [Fraser], the competent, friendly and encouraging leadership of Rachel, and, most of all, the accountability and motivation of being a part of this year’s Biggest Loser group! THANKS, Florence’s Biggest Loser. … It has been a BLAST!”

>> Jami Harper: “What I will miss most about the competition is the training groups. Everyone that gets together on your specific day, or even a different day, has the same goal and makes it easier to go and work hard. The trainers do their best to push you and to make modifications for anyone who need them. It’s a wonderful group.”

>> Aaron Robinson: “I will miss the weekly group workout and trainer (Dustin). I like going to the gym to change my run routine and being around really good people trying to a make difference for themselves and their families.”

>> Pamela Miles: “I will miss being held accountable for my weight every week, and I will miss the workouts that I got doing classes like Zumba and Fit for Life. I will also miss the many friends I have made in the competition going through the same experience. Last of all, I will miss my team and my trainer who cheered me on when the exercise seemed too hard.”

>> Monte Michelsen: “The thing that I think I will miss the most is the accountability. I’ve already talked to my trainer (Dustin) about scheduling some sessions with him to keep me going, so once the competition is done, my motivation isn’t also done.”

>> Valda Brown-Graham: “I’m going to miss the whole program, but I also will really miss the support. I got support from my teammates, my trainer (Joy) and even from people who weren’t in the program.”

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