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BY SHAMIRA McCRAY (Morning News)

The top six contestants in Florence’s Biggest Loser competition say staying active has helped them with their weight-loss goals thus far, in addition to assistance from their appointed trainers.

The 10-week competition is winding down, but the top six are still motivated. The top six contestants, on the basis of pounds and inches lost, are Monk Jordan, Lendora McMillian, Gloria James, Barbara Cherry, Anthony Sitton and Denise Ellis.

“(The competition) is really the catalyst to really get me to know how to eat, how to work out,” James said. “I know I’m not going to win, but I am personally winning because I’ve always been a big person.”

Being assigned to workout groups has also helped contestants stay motivated because they have a support system in their peers.

“Our trainer, he’s real good about pushing you beyond what you think you can do,” Sitton said. “He’ll push you past your comfort zone with respect, and he does it with encouragement. He lets you know that you can do it, you’re the only thing stopping you.”

James also competed in Florence’s Biggest Loser last year, and she said her trainer this year is tough.

“Preston taught me a lot of good information, but if Kim don’t see you dripping sweat on that mat, she’s not going to stop you,” James said.

Since beginning the competition, Sitton said, he can see his weight loss mostly in how his clothing fits but also a little in his face.

While he doesn’t have a favorite type of exercise, Sitton said, switching up his workouts has helped him.

“That’s because I don’t like any of it,” he said. “I will get bored with something real fast, and if I get bored with it, we’re done with it.”

Ellis said she has seen Sitton do everything from swimming, rowing and lifting weights.

“(He’s) always keeping it fresh and different,” Ellis said.

Constant movement is the key, contestants said.

“The more you move, the more you like to move even just in your normal everyday life,” Ellis said.

While some of the top six contestants said they like using machines such as Jacob’s Ladder and elliptical machines, Jordan said he prefers running and walking.

“I don’t like to be stationary,” Jordan said. “That’s kind of like sitting in traffic with your car running. I like to be moving, so I do the track.”

To try to maintain the progress he has made, Jordan said, he plans to sign up for something fitness-related every month or at least every other month. He has already planned to run a half-marathon in December.

The Biggest Loser Finale will be held Thursday, and so far the contestants have lost a total of 1,352 pounds.


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