Building A Community

January 29, 2016 Rachel No comments exist

Building a Community
by CHARLENE BERRY (Contestant Blog)

“Are you serious??” “You don’t have any family in SC?” “You’re too old to be picking up and changing now!!” “This is your community, your family, your church and its going to be to hard to start a new one.” These are some of the comments that I heard when I told friends and family that I was relocating to Florence, SC. But instead of listening, I forged on at 58 years old and moved from NJ to SC.
This move has taught me things and brought me things. Things like a stronger Faith in God, a I Can attitude, a sense of adventure and self worth that I didn’t have before.
I only had one friend in Florence, so, I found a part time job to get out of the house, ( I was tried of unpacking boxes anyway!!!). I then looked around for a gym that had what I was interested in. I joined McLeod Fitness, I found that it had a great variety of things to do, so it was hard to get bored, and the staff is always around with a smile to assist you.
Next. I found a church, after looking for several months, I found and joined World Impact Church in Darlington. That is where I I not only found a church family, but a big part of my new community. Being apart of the Fine Arts Ministry has been great, and I was even in a stage play held at W. Florence High School.
This year I found the Biggest Loser of Florence County. The staff at United Way have made this an outstanding program. It has helped me not only lose some pounds, but, it has helped me know that by keeping my focus, pressing forward with my individual health goals and enjoying my life.

The Biggest Thing is :

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