Biggest Loser competitors return for another year

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Biggest Loser competitors return for another year

FLORENCE, S.C. – Second, third, and sometimes even fourth time is the charm for a few of this year’s Florence’s Biggest Loser contestants.

Of the 80 contestants competing in this year’s competition, almost 40 percent of them have competed in the competition at least once before in the previous three years. Committing to 10 weeks of working out, eating right and changing your lifestyle can be difficult, but it might just be even more difficult to do it all over again.

We asked a few of them what made them decide to come back for another year. …

“I am doing the Biggest Loser again this year because I want to get healthy and beat my weight loss from last year. Also, the relationships you form throughout the journey are awesome. My girls on my team were the best I could have asked for. So we are all doing it again and doing it better. Last year, I didn’t know what to expect on how difficult the journey would be. Now I know that if you put your will to get healthy, eat clean and be active, weight loss will definitely follow. I fell off the wagon throughout this year, so I’m jumping back on and plan to beat last year and continue the transition after the Biggest Loser ends.” – Anne Thibodeaux

“I decided to do Biggest Loser again because after last year I failed to maintain the drive and commitment that I had early after the program. I need a restart to get back to that point. The Biggest Loser put you in a group and it helps to hold you accountable. Secondly, I enjoy the camaraderie that comes with people working toward a common goal.” – Tommy Robinson

“I really like the way I feel during this competition. The people that we get to see come back every year are really great people. I do get competitive, but this year my goal is to help myself and my family get into shape and maintain this way of life. My favorite thing is making our community aware of just what the United Way of Florence County is all about. We all at times feel a little broken; I’m feeling like that right now. So if you have the desire or means to help the broken ones, like me, I challenge you to get off that couch and pull out that wallet so you can exercise with me. Oh, and give, as you would have God give to you.” – Gloria James

“I decided to do Biggest Loser again this year, because I’m tired of being overweight and out of shape. I’m ready to take control and do what I have to do to reach my goals. I’m ready to be in the best shape and health I’ve ever been in this year, and l believe Biggest Loser is the best way to keep me motivated, keep me on track and to jump start my weight loss journey yet again.” – Jessica Cauthen

“I decided to do Biggest Loser again because I want to eat to live and not live to eat”. – Courtney Sullivan

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